Downholme & Ellerton Priory

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Downholme & Ellerton Priory

Downholme is a small village near Richmond right on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.  While no specific sketches of Downholme were made by Turner, he passed through the village when making his way from Marrick Priory to Richmond on 29 July as part of his 1816 tour of Yorkshire.

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Turner's Viewpoint

Turner made no sketches of Downholme village itself, but two from nearby.  One was from about a mile west of the village, giving a superb view up Swaledale towards the remains of Ellerton Priory (west of Downholme) (Ellerton Priory, Swaledale, from the Downholme Road 'Yorkshire 4' sketchbook, Tate Gallery, Finberg number: CXLVII 20).  Turner clearly intended to make a finished watercolour of this. 

After passing through Downholme he drew another sketch of the first sight of Richmond as he approached from the high ground of Downholme Moor (Swaledale from near Downholme, Looking towards Ellerton 'Yorkshire 2' sketchbook, Tate Gallery, Finberg number: CXLV 117).

Discover The Landscape

The Turner Trails bench is located in the centre of the village beyond the Bolton Arms Inn, on the village green.

Richmond Audio Tour

Follow in the footsteps of one of England's greatest artists to explore the routes that JMW Turner took around Richmond with our Turner Trails audio tours, which will work with any mp3 player or iPod, as well as mobile phones and PDAs that can play mp3 audio.

The Venue


Downholme, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL11 6AE‎

Map reference: SE101973 (Turner’s viewpoint) SE113979 (Turner Trails bench)

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Directions to Downholme & Ellerton Priory:

Downholme is about six miles SW of Richmond on the A6108. Bear left into the village upon reaching the grassy triangle