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Follow in Turner's footsteps with our self-guided walking trails, podcasts and more


Aysgarth downloadable walkGuided Trails

Download our self-guided walking trails, which will give you the opportunity to discover for yourself the many scenes that inspired Turner's genius.

Aysgarth Falls & West Burton Falls Trail (2.1MB)

Explore both waterfalls that Turner sketched and discover a carved screen rescued from a medieval abbey and even a stone space rocket on this 6 mile moderate trail.


Hardraw Force (770kb)

This easy-going 4 mile trail takes you to Turner's viewpoint of Hardraw Force, one of the highest unbroken waterfalls in England.


Leyburn to West Burton (1.5MB)

Turner sketched at Aysgarth Falls, Bolton Castle and West Burton Falls - all of which you encounter on this long linear trail of 12 miles for experienced walkers.


Mossdale Falls (2.5MB)

Enjoy one of the remotest sites visited by Turner and also discover paved paths, Victorian viaducts and old field barns along this long walk of 11 miles. For experienced walkers only.


Redmire Village & Bolton Castle (1.2MB)

This short easy-going 4 mile walk will take you to the historical Bolton Castle, where you can see the castle much as Turner did.


Semer Water (950kb)

Enjoy a long walk of 10 miles around Semer Water which Turner visited during his 1816 grand tour of Yorkshire, where you'll also discover a stone thrown by the Devil. For experienced walkers only.




The Turner Trails podcasts bring Turner to your computer, iPod or MP3 player. Listen to interviews with Turner experts and find out more about Turner's experiences of Yorkshire.

You can listen to an individual podcast by clicking on one of the links below.

You can then open the podcast to listen to immediately while online or save it to your computer for later. You can play the mp3 podcast in Windows Media Player, iTunes, Real Player or any other audio player. Alternatively you can copy the saved podcast to your MP3 player.

Over four episodes, we explore some of the main subjects and places Turner sketched during his many visits to Yorkshire. Your guide is David Hill, Professor of Fine Art at Leeds University, who is joined by various guests from across the county.


David LascellesTurner's Yorkshire Episode 1

Join David Hill and David Lascelles from Harewood House as they explain why Turner came to Yorkshire in the first place.

MP3 File DOWNLOAD NOW - Duration:  00:14:55 (MP3 File - 5.2MB) »



Ken_Hawley_smallTurner's Industrial Yorkshire Episode 2

Discover Turner's fascination with the new industries he found in Yorkshire's expanding urban areas. Turner expert, Professor David Hill, is joined by Ken Hawley MBE of the Hawley Collection Trust, Sheffield.

MP3 File DOWNLOAD NOW - Duration:  00:16:00 (MP3 File - 5.2MB) »



Ashley_Jackson smlTurner's Coastal Yorkshire Episode 3

Professor David Hill is joined by Ashley Jackson, one of the country's leading landscape watercolour artists, as they discuss Turner's interest in the Yorkshire coast.  What did Turner enjoy beside the Yorkshire seaside? 

MP3 File DOWNLOAD NOW - Duration: 00:16:14 (MP3 File - 5.7MB) »



ABY Cope Mitre smallTurner's Yorkshire Religious Houses Episode 4

In this final episode, Professor David Hill is joined by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, as they look   at Turner's sketches and paintings of Yorkshire's historic religious houses, including York Minster.

MP3 File DOWNLOAD NOW - Duration: 00:13:26 (MP3 File - 4.7MB) »



The series is produced by inHeritage on behalf of Welcome to Yorkshire. Music by Animat.


Audio Tours

Follow in the footsteps of one of England's greatest artists to explore the routes that JMW Turner took around Richmond in North Yorkshire and Otley Chevin in West Yorkshire.

Otley Chevin Turner Trails Audio Tour

Richmond Turner Trails Audio Tour


PodstrollPodstroll Trails

The 21st century version of a sketchbook/guide.  Take a Turner Tour around Whitby and York with your iPod. 

The Turner Trails podstrolls will work with any colour-screen iPod. Each podstroll comprises a sequence of images, specifically created for the iPod screen and arranged into a folder that can be easily added to your iPod.

The easy to follow instructions pdf document will guide you through the process of putting a podscroll on your iPod.

You can also potentially view podscrolls on a media player, mobile phone or PDA or on your computer. See the instructions for details.

Download Whitby Turner Trails podstroll zip file (2.4MB)

Download York Turner Trails podstroll zip file (3.4MB)


Where Turner StayedDownloadable Guides and Children's Activity Sheets

We have developed a series of themed leaflets and children's activity sheets for you to download and enjoy.

Castles in Turner's Yorkshire pdf document (4.6MB) - Let the walls guide you around more than a dozen of Yorkshire's magnificent castles sketched and painted by Turner.

Water in Turner's Yorkshire pdf document (5MB) - Let the rivers and waterfalls guide you around Turner's Yorkshire as water literally flows through many of his sketches and paintings.

Where Turner Stayed in Yorkshire pdf document  (5MB) - Download to see how the innkeepers and hoteliers played their part in ensuring Turner made the most of his Yorkshire sketching tours.

Childrens Activity SheetsYou can also download these two children's activity sheets, ideal for introducing any 7 - 11 year olds to Turner with fun quizzes for them to do.

Clambering Castles pdf document - To accompany the Castles in Turner's Yorkshire themed leaflet.

Wet and Wild pdf document - To accompany the Water in Turner's Yorkshire themed leaflet.



Turner's paintings and sketches around Malham in the Yorkshire Dales are interpreted through two geocaches hidden in secret locations near his viewpoints. Geocaching is a form of treasure hunting using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and Ordnance Survey maps to locate carefully concealed caches. 

To look for the Turner caches you need to sign-up to (which is free) and have a handheld GPS receiver.  Once you've signed in, search for the four caches' GC codes listed below or alternatively you can search for Malham and find the Turner caches by name in the list:

  • Turner's Malham Cove   GC2V5H6
  • Turner's Malham Tarn    GC2V5GE

It's geocaching etiquette to replace any item you take out of the cache with something of the same or more value. You'll also find a logbook to record that you've found the cache, where you come from and how you found it - and don't forget to leave the geocachers greeting TFTC (thanks for the cache)!

Once you try it, you may become hooked to this global craze.  Find out more about geocaching and other caches in Yorkshire here. You can also hunt out another Turner inspired geocache at Hackfall by searching for the Follies and Ivy cache series. There are six to find (GC36JP3, GC36JN4, GC36JNB, GC36ARR, GC36JN0 and GC36JNY).

Good luck!